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Welcome to Walla Walla Electric

Licensed in Washington & Oregon
Electrical Contracting License in both states since 1975. Experienced project managers, project supervisors and journeymen electricians. Our electricians are seasoned with many years of experience, keeping up with rapidly changing technology.


Employee of the Month

roff doug

Doug Roff is our Employee of the Month. Excellent attitude and wants to work for you!


Employee Owned

Walla Walla Electric has been employee owned since 1998.  Founded by Everett Knudson in 1975, Walla Walla Electric continues to support the Walla Walla Valley & Surrounding Communities with over 40 employees.


Solar Electrical Systems


We have been installing SOLAR ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS successfully since 2006. We are recognized as experienced installation specialists by Washington and Oregon incentive programs.


Downtown Webcam

Walla Walla Electric is a proud sponsor of the Downtown Walla Walla Webcam. We recently connected the camera to the Pocketinet fiber network. The camera is located at the corner of 1st & Main on the traffic signal pole in front of the Book and Game Company.